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As of the beginning of 2018, I have gone a bit rogue/independent, and spend most of my time doing a combination of research, talks/workshops, travel, scientific communication and consultancy, and working on my own projects.

I am extremely passionate about science communication, public access to scientific knowledge, the wider impact of scholarly communication on society, and improving research culture. I’m also deeply interested in current trends in open scholarship, and have authored many articles, and given countless workshops, webinars, and public talks, including keynotes, on the topic. Much of my current research now focuses on ‘open science’, and also peer review.

Here you can also find a comprehensive list of my research publications, all of which are Open Access.

I am now taking a sabbatical for an indefinite period in order to continue my research, recover psychologically from the last several years of my life, meditate, travel, and continue writing blog articles/books. If you would like to support my work, please check out my Patreon page.